About me

Hi! I’m Maitreyi, a final-year BSc. + MSc. student at IIT Kharagpur majoring in Mathematics & Computing. Along with my academic studies I am currently interning at Mila - Quebec AI Institute at Prof. Dhanya Sridhar’s Causal ML Research Group. In Summer 2022 I interned at Dr. Manuel Gomez Rodriguez’s Human-Centric Machine Learning Group at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems.

I am fascinated by algorithms and their applications to life sciences and social sciences. My research interests lie broadly in Machine Learning, and more specifically in probabilistic models, causal inference, representation learning and graph machine learning.

I also enjoy running (having run track in high school and college), playing squash, reading and playing the piano. I am an avid quizzer and an active member and governor of the IIT Kharagpur Quiz Club. You can find some of my sets here. I also like to dabble in translating texts and making stop motion animations-which you might come across on some pages!